The Intel® Compute Stick, available in spring 2015 via Intel® authorized distributors, is a new pocket-sized computer delivering an entry compute experience by plugging directly into the HDMI input of TVs and monitors. Two versions will be launched initially – both will be based on the Intel® Atom® quad-core processor, code-named “Bay Trail” (Z3735F). One will include 32GB storage, 2GB memory and pre-installed Windows* 8.1 with Bing. The other will include 8GB storage, 1GB memory and a pre-installed Linux* distribution (exact distribution still to be determined). 


Maximum footprint. Maximum computer.

Your PC-like embedded solution.

A new type of computing device, the Intel® Compute Stick enables you to transform a display into a fully functional digital signage solution via the display’s HDMI* port. Ready to go out-of-the-box, the Intel® Compute Stick has a quad-core Intel® Atom® processor and offers the performance, quality, and value you expect from Intel®. The system performs just like your other computers. You can even choose your operating system – either Windows 8.1* or Ubuntu. Simply plug it into any HDMI monitor, connect to the cloud for your data or access files locally, and you’ve got a simple digital sign or a POS display.
The ultra-slim, Intel® Compute stick has a wide-range of features that make it ready to go out of the box.
Instant connection. With built-in 802.11bng wireless, you can connect and begin accessing contect right out of the box.

Storage: On-board storage for easy access to local files. A Micro SD card slot for easy access to additional files.


Connectivity and expandability: WiFi 802.11bgn and Bluetooth* 4.0 for Internet access and wireless peripherals. USB 2.0 port for additional peripherals. HDMI* connectivity for sound and display.


Ease of Use: Windows 8.1* or Ubuntu for your choice of operating system, plus bilt-in memory, and power adapter with USB cable.

Cloud access made simple. Built-in WiFi lets you store and access files in the cloud, making it easy to stream data and files.
Low power for high-energy computing. With its tiny 5-volt/2-amp power supply delivered through the USB port, the Intel® Compute Stick lets you put your energy into greater productivity.

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