A Newport I.T firm is pioneering a roll-out of automated temperature check equipment to help businesses live with COVID beyond the pandemic.

A2Z Computing, based in Newport, has sourced technology that reads the temperature of individuals upon entering a premises, as well as administering anti-bacterial solution, to help businesses feel safer as we come through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Director, Az Ashraf, said: “It all came about from a chance trip to Thailand. I noticed how a lot of the shops and businesses out there had automated technology that read temperatures without the need for staff to stand at the entrance.

“We’ve tweaked the hardware so it administers anti-bacterial spray or gel and we’ve ensured that the data isn’t recorded, so there are no issues regarding compliance.”

With many businesses adapting upon staff returning to an office en mass, as well as those organisations open to the general public, Mr Ashraf is testing the technology out on a number of loyal customers in the private sector:

“Two years from the start of the pandemic, the general public is much more aware of the risks of leaving the home when unwell; not just those with COVID, too. This technology allows peace of mind for all staff and customers who may enter a premises that everyone who they may interact with does not have a temperature.

“Of course, people will still have to make a moral call on how they are feeling but at least this does away without the need for testing, which may become an expensive protocol for many very soon.”

The pilot project will see five private sector businesses roll-out the technology in their premises for a number of months, with feedback gauged from staff and customers.

Mr Ashraf said: “We hope this technology affords people some reassurance and provides businesses a very affordable way of helping to keep staff safe, as well as customers and visitors alike.”

For more information about A2Z Computing please visit: https://www.a2z-computing.com/