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Jon is very professional

Jon is very professional; quick rspnosee to all questions and emails, very clear communication, and excellent work with very quick turnaround. I plan to refer others to him. Thanks Jon.

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Ali ZSMRjaGjn9J 07:49:47 10-20-2013
Online Services

Dear Sian

As a relatively new business needing to set up a domain name and establish themselves in the virtual world, Endcourt were aware that they required assistance with this.

I discussed my immediate needs with Sian Haynes of A2Z Computing, and when invited for a meeting to discuss matters further, I was delighted that she had had anticipated my needs and produced a package which achieved the desired results for an extremely competitive cost.

The professionalism shown by Sian has also been manifest when dealing with other persons within A2z; every indivudal has shown the highest level of competence whilst maintaining a friendly and approachable manner.

Endcourt intend using A2Z Computing for all their computing requirements and will have no hesitation in recommending them to others who may require similar services.

Yours Sincerely,

Vince Haskins

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Vince Haskins Endcourt 14:19:51 08-23-2013
Customer Service and Price Guarantee

For Sian Haynes of A2Z Computing.

I very recently had cause to order a new laptop, so without hesitation I asked Sian Haynes of A2Z Computing to arrange the same for me. I gave Sian a very exacting set of requirements in terms of processor, RAM and Operating System.

I also made sure that Sian understood that I wanted a machine that was not only capable and fast today, but would remain so for atleast the next 5 years. In addition I insisted on a specification that was capable of RAM Upgrade in the future, when the machine would inevitably start to slow under pressure of more demanding programmes and software.

Very quickly Sian was able to identify a good machine with all the necessary features and capability. That machine was a Toshiba Satellite Pro, running Windows 7 (as specified), with an Intel Core i5 Processor, 500GB Hard Drive, 8GB of RAM with a 64-bit for easier RAM upgrade in the future.

The machine was ordered, configured and ready within 72 hours of confirmation. When I visited their premises to collect the machine I was able to talk to the Managing Director, who had actually configured my machine in person.

And all at the amazing price of £600 inclusive of VAT. That really is astounding! Whenever I have ordered a similar machine in the past, the cost has always been over £750 and as my daughter works for Currys / PC World, she was able to confirm that they had nothing close to this spec for under £799 and they would expect me to buy care products in addition and I would have to configure it myself.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Sian and A2Z Computing for any of your hardware, software or computer support services.

Great thanks to Sian and Az for excellent customer service.

Kind Regards,

Nigel Adams
Managing Director

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Nigel Adams Severn Bay Corporate Solutions 14:17:35 08-23-2013
Virtual Office Testimonial
Dear Sian,

I have looked to expand the profile of my business, Endcourt Ltd, which provides Health and Safety consultancy services to small / medium sized enterprises in the South Wales area.

Part of this strategy involved setting up a remote office which could be used to receive mail and to also receive and store goods. This I have managed with the support and assistance of A2Z Computing in Hereford Street, Newport, at a small cost which suits both parties.

The arrangement I have with A2Z also allows me to use a meeting room for a nominal cost, which suits my present requirements perfectly as this allows me the flexibility to use a professional set up as it suits me, without the extensive overheads that a permanent office would entail.

I am pleased to offer this as a testimonial to this arrangement and look forward to it continuing for the future.

Yours Sincerely, 
Vince Haskins
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Vince Haskins Endcourt 13:58:51 08-12-2013
IT Support
As the school is now in its second year of our I.C.T maintenance record, I would wish to express my appreciation to you for the service provided.

As you are aware we are probably the largest Primary School in Monmouthsire, with some 420 pupils, 17 teachers and 12 Learning support Assistants. The amount of ICT hardware we have is considerable.

Mr P Rowlands, our A2Z maintenance engineer, is a first class ambassador for your company and his expertise, patience, diligence and work ethic is of the highest order and because he is so effective in meeting our needs when he visits, the outcome for our teachers and pupils is immeasurable.

Lessons planned to deliver the Key Skills of I.T. across the Curriculum now take place far more often. The workload for our own teachers with responsibility for I.T. has now changed from that of 'trouble shooter' to one of consultant for development of teachers' skills.

Taking your company on board has, therefore been one of the most cost effective measure we have adopted.

I am very fond of reminding parents that we want to hear from them when everything is going well - and not just on the one day in the year when they have a concern.

In that spirit, I just wanted to record my thanks to you on behalf of both staff and pupils. Your service is much appreciated, it is personal and tailored to meet our needs and in so doing has eased our workload considerably and we are most grateful to you.
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K Rowlands The Dell Primary School 15:51:20 08-05-2013
Dear Az

Further to our recent conversation about the Fizzbooks and the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Pilot project, I thought that it was important that I confirm just how good, and educationally beneficial this project has been.

As you are aware despite Monmouthshire County Council withdrawing support for the Fizzbooks and for the Pilot project, we have continued to develop the pilot study and have been able to extend the opportunities for the children in a number of ways directly through the use of the Fizzbooks,... and the results have been quite astounding!
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Jez Piper Raglan V.C Primary School 15:50:31 08-05-2013
Eagleye IT Support
Az and his team came highly recommended to us and have lived up to expectations. Our IT resource has now been stabilised with all previous issues being resolved. We get regular support visits to ensure we are always up to date and running smoothly but if there are any issues Az is always readily accessible.
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Dave Brassey Underwood Insurance Ltd 15:49:25 08-05-2013
Peace of Mind
Az is very dedicated to his work and company, it is hard to find any business to trust and work with, A2Z Computing Ltd is one of them, with Az always on top of his profession. It makes IT easier for me to do my job and run my business, I have recommended A2Z to family & friends as well as company's with everyone being happy.
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Alan Bedborough The Book People 15:48:31 08-05-2013
Knowledge at hand
Az is hugely knowledgeable and highly creative, committed and solution focused. We have worked with Az for many years and will continue to do so.
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Mike Edwards If Development 15:47:40 08-05-2013
After sales support
Buying a computer is all about after sales services as much as the machine itself. A2Z Computing have provided me not just with great laptop machines, essential for my business, but also the after-sales service which I desired. That is why they are my IT providers and a company I would go back to time and time again. Cannot recommend A2Z Computing high enough.
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Gary Baker Wales and West Media 15:47:04 08-05-2013
IT Support
We've used Az's company for our IT support for a number of years. everything is done well, and he and his staff have always been prepared to put themselves out to ensure that things are completed and running properly.
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David Griffiths Griffiths and James Accountants 15:46:02 08-05-2013
IT Support and Hardware Purchase
We have been using A2Z Computing for a little under a year now, we purchased a brand new server with desktops, N-Computing thin clients and CAD machines. We also subscribe to their Silver level of Eagleye 24/7 support which we have found to be of an excellent standard. We are not only working much more efficiently on our new equipment but any issues that occur do not generally effect us as A2Z are monitoring and making adjustments to our network on a weekly basis to keep us healthy and stable therefore avoiding repair costs and downtime. With Eagleye 24/7 monitoring our services and equipment we find we need less engineers on site therefore reducing our costs, to some extent I expect Eagleye has saved us a fair amount of money in just a few months! Whatever happens within our business network I know that A2Z have it covered with unlimited telephone support, remote support, remote monitoring and on site engineers available. We can see A2Z Computing supporting HWD Shopfitters for a very long time hopefully, thank you for your continued support.
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Mike Daniels HWD Shopfitters 15:45:22 08-05-2013
UTM Integration
A2Z Computing installed our UTM and extender in May 2013. Kymin Financial has two offices in Newport (South Wales) town centre, that were previously stuck being used as seperate offices.
The installation of the UTM has allowed us to have an encrypted domain link to our secondary building. This allows all our software, security and documents stored on the server in the head office to be implemented in our secondary office.

Having the Red10 and UTM 120 installed has saved Kymin Financial a lot of hassle and time. We now feel that our secondary office is secure as it has the same security credentials as head office. When a template is updated in Head Office our secondary office immediately receives the updated version which ensures no out-dated documents get sent out.
The A2Z Computing engineers are always on hand if we have any problems and ready to come resolve any queries we may have.
One of the great features of the ITM is it will allow Kymin Financial to grow whilst keeping our offices secure. We would not hesitate to recommend a UTM for anyone who has multiple offices.
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Christopher Taylor Kymin Financial Services 15:44:24 08-05-2013
Eagleye IT Support
We have been using A2Z Computing for many years now and find their level of care and support second to none. Since Eagleye 24/7 has been included in our support package we have noticed that problems are picked up sooner and resolved even quicker! Sometimes we have not even noticed that we’ve had a problem until we receive our reports from A2Z. With remote monitoring and remote support combined we can relax knowing that A2Z can just get on with keeping our infrastructure healthy, giving us the maximum amount of up time possible. We would highly recommend Eagleye 24/7 support from A2Z not only for it’s exceptional service but also for it’s exceptional value, a great job, well done.
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Ian Jones Alan R Jones & Sons Ltd 15:43:30 08-05-2013
Eagleye IT Support
Eagleye gives me the peace of mind that I am informed of a problem often before it happens. I can easily identify issues via the dashboard and email alerts helping me to take corrective action before it’s too late. This allows the maximum uptime for our servers and is ideal for a remote site as it reduces the requirement for onsite support.
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Bruce Clark CAV Aerospace 15:36:03 08-05-2013