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A2Z Computing have tried to addresses the voice communication needs of diverse customer groups with a high quality and reliable VoIP service portfolio. These comprise a comprehensive business class hosted VoIP service for multi-user application; a customised VoIP solution; SIP trunking; and a low cost pre-pay service for single user VoIP customers.

The IP Telephony services – VoIP Enrich, VoIP Elite, VoIP EasyAccess and VoIP Express – capitalise on the resilient VoIP platform which was developed by experienced telecoms teams. The hosted VoIP servers are located and backed up in diverse data centre locations and supported 24/7 by our UK based technical support teams and our Network Operations Centre.

 VoIP Express

VoIP Express service provides you with a quality entry level VoIP proposition to take to single-user customers able to pay in advance for the calls they make. The service is fully hosted and boasts a number of useful features including a geographic (01/02) or non-geographic (0845) number, voicemail, the ability to send SMS texts, free ‘on-net’ calls and competitive ‘off-net’ call rates, as well as real-time call data, black and white call lists, call forwarding and easy account management via a secure sip software.

VoIP EasyAccess

EasyAccess service provides straightforward gateway access to the network using SIP trunking. Serving customers that already have an IP PBX server installation, VoIP EasyAccess provides call termination complete with full UK geographical numbering (01, 02 and 03 telephone numbers) and 0845 numbers.

Voip Elite

VoIP Elite service allows IP telephony to be effectively deployed under very specific circumstances, such as across IP Virtual Private Networks and further integration into corporate applications including call centre interfaces and CRM systems.

VoIP Enrich

VoIP Enrich service provides you with the ideal platform on which to build a IP telephony proposition. It is a hosted business class IP telephony service rich in features that any multi-user customer will demand. Standard functionality includes hunt groups, call queues, auto attendants, call recording and much more. Scalable and flexible, VoIP Enrich represents a cost effective way to accommodate customers’ immediate and future growth plans.

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