Super Connected City

What is Super Connected Cities Project?

Through the Super Connected Cities Project Newport City Council and the UK Government are committed to making sure that the benefits of
improved broadband services are felt by as many business in Newport as possible.

This is to build on the rapid pace of change in the UK’s broadband infrastructure and to ensure that consumers continue to enjoy:

  • high speeds
  • a competitive broadband market
  • attractively priced services

For businesses of every size the benefits of high speed broadband are considerable.

  1. Be more productive, for example upload large documents, videos and graphics quickly
  2. Use the latest and best software from cloud computing services providing upgrades that are safe and secure
  3. Video conference in high definition with customers and suppliers from all over the world
  4. Work from home or various locations by using virtual private networks and other applications, reducing travel, meeting and building costs
  5. Save on your building’s utilities cost, save money, reduce energy use by using cloud computing and remotely hosted PCs
  6. Have the same dependable service whatever time of day with an unlimited number of people accessing the internet site

How are we going to help you access superfast broadband?

A2Z Computing, in partnership with the Department of Media Culture and Sport, through the Super Connected Cities Project are running a 
Voucher Scheme whereby SMEs, businesses or residential communities can apply for a voucher that will partly cover the cost of connecting
to a superfast network.

Businesses will have the freedom to choose any supplier who is capable of providing such a service in their area.

Choice may be determined by cost, availability or a particular requirement that an individual supplier may be able to address.

The voucher is intended to help with the initial cost of connection and will not contribute to the on-going cost of broadband. However, on-going
costs for broadband are generally reasonable when compared to some of the alternative technology that suppliers are able to offer business.

I’m interested, what do I do next?

To register your interest in the the Super Connected Cities Project please click on the link provided below.

This will take you to the Newport City Registration Form for Others please contact us 

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