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What is Superfast Broadband? 

Superfast broadband is much faster and more reliable, using fibre optic cable for some or all of the links between the customer and the supplier.

In the past, copper telephone lines have delivered all our broadband links, providing 5-23Mbps. Superfast broadband delivers speeds greater than 24Mbps.

We are supporting all the Super Connected Cities Project which is aiming to make sure that SMEs, businesses and possibly some residential communities have the chance to make their broadband speeds superfast, or where available ultrafast, by 2015.

The UK Goverment is even offering upto £3000 in vouchers. For vouchers click here


ADSL (Broadband) for Business or Home

Almost everybody needs Internet access at work or home for web browsing, email and games. We offer a variety of packages to suit various needs from the high end users to those who only use email.

Our  broadband portfolio enables everyone to meet business and/or residential customers’ need for fast and reliable connectivity, easily and lucratively. Choose from fixed rate ADSL up to 2Mbps, rate adaptive ADSL up to 8Mbps*, rate adaptive ADSL2+ up to 24Mbps* and Fibre Optic Broadband (FTTC and FTTP) up to 110Mbps*. Upload and download speeds are of course dependent on the quality of the line and distance from the serving exchange (cabinet in the case of FTTC).

A2Z Computing's ADSL and ADSL2+ Business broadband packages meet specific business requirements and are available in five monthly bandwidth allowance options from 15GB to 180GB. Our FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) Business packages meanwhile are available in six different allowance options from 15GB to 360GB. Our ADSL and ADSL2+ Family packages are available in six monthly bandwidth allowance options from just 1GB to 120GB, while our five FTTC and FTTP Family package bandwidth allowances range from 30GB to 120GB. Additional bandwidth is available as top-ups from 10GB to 100GB or charged on a per 1GB basis. For more information please contact us.

  • Fully supported – 24/7 UK based technical support - 0333 101 0600
  • Ongoing monthly connction management
  • Free migrations (except when moving from LLU)
  • Flexible billing and white label option

    *Actual synch/throughput dependent on line quality and distance from the exchange (cabinet for FTTC).


SDSL and Bonded Broadband

A2Z Computing also provides SDSL solutions for customers looking for symmetrical upload and download speeds up to 2Mbps*. Alternatively, to address improved speed and resiliency demands, we can bond multiple fixed rate ADSL or SDSL connections to provide speeds up to 8Mbps*.

Fibre Optic Broadband

Our fibre optic broadband packages are available in a variety of speed options. Standard FTTC connections are provisioned with download speeds of up to 40Mbps and upload speeds of up to 2Mbps. However, customers can choose to upgrade to up to 40/10Mbps or up to 80/20Mbps options.

Similarly, our FTTP services are provisioned with up to 40Mbps download speeds and up to 2Mbps upload speeds as standard, but customers can upgrade to 40/10Mbps, 100/15Mbps, 100/30Mbps or even choose up to 110Mbps download with an upload speed of up to 15Mbps for an additional monthly fee, all with inclusive monthly bandwidth allowances ranging from 15GB to 360GB.

  • Choice of 22 packages
  • Download speeds up to 80Mbps* (FTTC) and 110Mbps (FTTP)
  • Upload speeds of up to 2Mbps*, 10Mbps* or 20Mbps (FTTC) and up to 15Mbps or 30Mbps (FTTP)
  • Bandwidth allowances from 15GB to 360GB
  • 12 month contract
  • Includes 1 static IP address, 100 POP3 email boxes, and 25MB webspace

    *Dependent on the length and quality of the copper line between the customer's premises and the serving cabinet.

Leased Lines

To meet business demand for high speed, high bandwidth connectivity solutions, A2Z Computing provides a diversity of options based on Leased Lines, Ethernet and EFM (Ethernet First Mile) circuit provision.

Available at symmetrical speeds from 2Mbps up to 10Gbps, our Leased Line and Ethernet circuits provide high performance connections for carrying voice, data & Internet access. Each solution has a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a choice of backup options including ADSL2+, ADSL and SDSL.

To meet future growth requirements, our dedicated Leased Lines and Ethernet services are scalable above 2Mbps, with the ability to increase the initial bandwidth requirement easily and quickly as business demands dictate. Customers can have confidence knowing we provide fully managed Cisco hardware as standard and provide 24/7 UK based technical support. Furthermore, the national footprint of our partners resilient national MPLS network means our likely close proximity to customer sites allows for the delivery of a highly cost effective solution.

  • Symmetrical speeds up to 35Mbps
  • Installation within 35 days
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Supports Virtual Private Networks & Voice over IP
  • Lower costs than a leased line
  • Guaranteed 9 business hour return of service
  • A choice of backup options


A2Z Computing IP VPN (or PWAN) solutions create secure connections between multiple sites and remote workers and often use differing access technologies, for example a high speed 100Mbps or 1Gbps Ethernet circuit at a customer’s head office and leased line connection speeds of 2Mbps to 10Mbps at regional offices, with smaller sites using SDSL or ADSL variants as their main connection.


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