Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server is a centralized email hosting service that synchronizes across all devices - PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. However, email is not the only feature of Microsoft Exchange. It has calendar and task management features, and it even has centralized contact storage. If you have a business then Microsoft Exchange is the way forwards to a business that has strong communication and organization.

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Hosted Exchange vs. Exchange Server


Hosted Exchange

Exchange Server


You won’t need to worry about purchasing, upgrading and managing hardware with Hosted Exchange to help reduce to total cost of ownership of your e-mail systems.

Hosted Exchange is a small monthly cost where by you don’t have to look after the hardware or worry about updates.

An Exchange Server requires a lot of maintenance including hardware, software and service maintenance.

There is a large upfront cost for the exchange server and always the worry of the hardware or software failing.

Usually IT Support is required to monitor the Exchange Servers status.

Management & Control

Hosted Exchange is available from a single, web based panel. With all information available wherever you may be, as long as you have an internet connection.

You get the greatest degree of control and customisation on your configuration when you manage your on premises servers including complete visibility into the deployment down to the level of server logs.

However, this demands time to be able to control and manage the server’s services.

For the information to be available on particular applications or mobile devices, add-ons or subscriptions may need to be purchased.


125GB by default

Configurable to meet your organisations needs and policies but dependent on number of users and space available.


Hosted Exchange includes the same rich feature set as Exchange Servers. Including eDiscovery, Data Loss Protection, so you can help enforce your organisations compliance policies.

You can help keep your organisations safe from users accidentally sharing sensitive data with Data Loss Prevention capabilities and allow compliance officer to run-in-place eDiscovery queries across Exchange, SharePoint and Lync from a single interface.

Public Folders

Public Folders are now supported in Exchange Online with new, modern public folders. We’ll supply a method to help you get your legacy public folders to modern public folders in the cloud.

Modern public folders are now based on mailbox architecture so you’ll get the same storage and HA capabilities as normal mailboxes.

Security, Privacy and regulatory compliance

Security and Privacy are important to all users. Hosted Exchange has great emphasis on helping protect the privacy and security of your data. Hosted Exchange is compliant with many world-class standards including ISO-27001 and FISMA.

Exchange Server can be configured to meet virtually any compliance need and you have full control and responsibility over enforcing compliance policies and meeting your security requirements.

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