Wireless Networking

Are you unsure as to whether wireless is the best route to take?

Are you struggling with your current wireless signal? Or considering creating a wireless network?

Current Wireless Network

An A2Z Computing representative will attend your premises and perform a survey to analyse the strength and speed of your current wireless network. By performing this survey it will allow you to analyse how many users the wireless network can approximately hold without causing a delay in response.

If improvements are necessary and available to be implemented, a report will be created with suggestions as to the best method of implementing the necessary requirements. There will be both cost effective options and performance based options quoted.

New Wireless Network

Whether your in the process of setting up a wireless network or looking as to whether it would be a 'good move' to implement a wireless network, an A2Z Computing engineer would be available to help.

The A2Z Computing representative would assess your premises to discover where the best positioning for the access points would be and approximately how many are necessary. Once the positioning is established, an assessment would be made as to traffic and speed.

A report would be provided with the recommendations and results highlighted.

Previous Clients

Most of A2Z Computing's current clients has been subject to a wireless survey. Their feedback is very positive as it is a free service that provides more information for strengthening their infrastructure and security protocols. 

One of our latest products for wireless networking is the GhostBridge. 

The GhostBridge Wireless Ethernet Bridge requires NO setup or configuration. It is a true plug and play out-of-the-box device. The technology has been thoroughly tested by the A2Z Computing engineers and the results are astonishing - we are very pleased with this piece of equipment. 

With speeds of up to 150Mbps and a distance of up to 15Km, the GhostBridge may be the best solution for your next wireless network project.

Find out more information about the GhostBridge here.

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