Data Recovery

A2Z Computing offer a whole host of data recovery for every type of disaster, having invested heavily in data forensic equipment we can retrieve your data from the most unlikely damaged equipment.

We charge by the job so you won’t find yourself running into a huge repair bill, we always offer free consultation before any work is undertaken. Give us a call and have a chat with one of our engineers to see if there is something we can help you with if you have lost data or broken equipment.

Data Recovery

When recovering data from an IDE, SATA or SCSI hard disk drive the following procedure is used:

1: A full image of the faulty drive is created and stored on a backup hard drive. This ensures that should we damage any data during the restore we can step back in time and start the process again from the beginning.

2: A copy of the drive image is loaded onto a workstation and the date is interrogated using specialised software tools. Corrupt data can be restored or rebuilt. The data recovery technicians are skilled in restoring corrupt data and rebuilding system areas of the hard drive.

3: If restoration fails at this point, we will attempt to reconstruct the data on the drive using deep recovery techniques, rebuilding the data bit by bit. Unless the actual magnetic media within the hard drive is damaged this proves has a very high success rate, but can take weeks of analysing.

4: If the IDE, SCSI or SATA hard drive is physically damaged the drive will be striped to its bare bones in our dust free clean room at one of our partner centres. They will rebuild the driving using new parts, of which we keep over 20,000 on our shelves. Almost 2/3rd of all data recovery cases our partner undertake are caused by some form of hardware failure.

5: Once we have repaired and recovered the data we will copy the repaired drive image to a hard drive of the customers choosing. We will not keep the disk image created.

6: By following this process of data recovery we are able to restore data in 99% of all data loss cases. We have a history of completing problematic and challenging date recovery tasks for a wide range of private and corporate clients across a wealth of hardware platforms.


​Server Data Recovery

Even the most expensive server architecture will still be subject to failure of components from time to time. Even the most well specified RAID array is not a 100% guarantee against potential data loss. 

For an organisation that relies heavily upon its server pool to provide business critical applications, any form of data loss can be an expensive event. In a similar fashion, many backup systems are inappropriately configured; this fact does not usually come to light until an actual restore is necessary in light of a recent loss of data. In this situation it is imperative that the services of a server data recovery firm are procured as soon as possible.

It is important that in house technical staff is made aware of the fact that in a certain data loss situation, the best course of action is to shut the equipment down and contact a professional server data recovery firm. Any intermediate actions taken by unqualified technical staff in an attempt to recover lost data is likely to affect the integrity of the recoverable data on the storage media.

By acting swiftly it is entirely possible that all server data can be recovered by a qualified data recovery analyst. The cost of server data recovery is negligible compared to the cost involved in re-creating business critical data in a timely fashion.

​Business Data Recovery

When a business is faced with the loss of business critical data it is important that they use the services of a professional data recovery firm. We offers a service that has proven to be both efficient and cost effect in almost every case.

No matter what type of data storage device is exhibiting problems, We will have a solution or our partners will.
 From memory cards to mobile phones, data recovery is a viable option. Most companies who maintain a centralised server farm for storing business data will be operating some form of RAID array. Unfortunately contrary to popular belief a RAID array does not guarantee 100% data integrity at all times. A RAID array, regardless of how costly and well specified is still subject to data loss in certain situations. We are  able to break down the RAID array into its component drive, locate the faulty hard disk drive, repair the data and rebuild the RAID.

If the hard drive in question is suffering from some form of hardware fault Partners are able to strip the drive to its bare form in a 100% dust free clean room. Using the 20,000 spare parts held in stock our partner can then repair and rebuild the faulty hard drive unit. Once the device is functioning again the data can be copied onto a new drive and reinserted into the RAID array.

No business can afford to lose valuable data, and by using the services of A2Z Computing when faced with a potentially business damaging data loss situation the problem can be remedied quickly and effectivelyNo matter what type of storage device is at fault, or however impossible the situation may seem, We usually are able to recover all lost data within a reasonable timeframe.


USB Memory Stick Recovery

USB/SD memory sticks present a great solution for portable data storage. Far more convenient than optical media such as CD or DVD and more rugged and reliable in general than portable hard drives. Just like all storage mediums USB/SD memory sticks are not impervious to physical damage, water damage or preventing data access due to an internal component failure.

We have successfully recovered data from USB Sticks, SD Cards other other devices, some of the more common faults that we have successfully resolved include:

A microwaved USB Memory Stick / Memory sticks that have been through the washing machine 

Snapped, bent and physically damaged memory sticks /  Deleted files and folders 

'This device needs to be formatted' issues / Device reporting capacity as 2TB / Device reporting no storage capacity at all

There are many more failure types that A2Z Computing have been able to recover lost data from, so why not contact us and see if we can help you with your data lossFlash Memory Chip Reading technology can recover data in practically all cases of USB Memory stick data loss. If the device cannot be repaired by one of our team of electronic specialists, we then pass on your Data sitck to our partener who recovers your lost data directly from the Flash chips themselves using our Flash chip reading technology.

Apple Mac / Linux Data Recovery
Apple Mac/Linux data recovery differs from PC data recovery in several key ways. The file system of an Apple Mac/Linux drive is significantly different from an equivalent PC drive. This means that conventional data recovery tools will not be able to recover most of the corrupted data. Specialised Apple Mac/Linux data recovery software is required to interrogate and restore lost data and partitions.

In many cases where the physical magnetic media of the hard drive has not been damaged, 100% data recovery is possible. Data recovery technicians are trained in dealing with Apple hardware, and are able to perform data recovery on hard drives, tapes and a range of other Apple Mac associated hardware.

By rebuilding the disk structure and recreating lost partitions it is possible to recover the disk geometry and regain access to lost data.
 It is important the Apple Mac users, when faced with a data loss situation, do not attempt to recover the data themselves. This can lead to valuable data being overwritten on the disk surface, making it impossible to restore. It is advisable to switch off the equipment straight away and seek our services.


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