Nominet operate at the heart of e-commerce in the UK, running one of the world's largest Internet registries and managing over nine million domain names. With their highly respected industry credentials, they are entrusted with the safe, stable and secure management of the .uk Internet name space.

They maintain the register of .uk domain names. Nominet run the technology which locates a computer on the Internet hosting the web site or email system you're looking for when you type in a web address or send an email to an address that ends in .uk.

This includes:

  • Maintaining the accuracy and completeness of the .uk register database to high professional standards
  • Ensuring consistency and fairness in the registration and transfer of domain names
  • Providing a number of look-up services for people to find out whether a .uk domain name has been registered and, if so, by whom
  • Offering a Dispute Resolution Service based on mediation to handle domain name disputes

They have a reputation for excellent customer service that is consistently reflected in the results from their satisfaction surveys, and other national Internet registries often visit us to learn from their registry model.

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