Charging Trolleys

Laptops and Netbooks have become so popular. Neat practical mobile computers wherever you need them, whenever you need them. But... How to keep them tidy? How to keep them handy for any class at any time? How to keep them charged up, and how to keep them safe?

Imagine, a wheeled lockable suite of 10… 12… 15… 16…or even 30 laptops in a neat trolley gliding smoothly from class to class just when they're needed. With mobile laptop storage and charging solutions you can get the technology up and running in minutes, keep the wires out of the way, and be sure your IT investment is protected.


  • Easy-glide wheels with brakes for safety
  • Tough locking doors to provide peace of mind
  • Security kit for wall or floor fixing
  • Fold-flat doors kept safely out of the way on magnetic catches while the trolley is open
  • All the power you need for wireless points, printers and projectors etc. from the easy access power points
  • Full wireless and data transfer solutions available for the ChargeBus 16... ChargeBox 15... and ChargeBox 30
  • Takes any size netbook, laptop, iPad or tablet PC
  • Delivered fully assembled ready for immediate use in a range of bright durable colours
  • UK manufactured.
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