Broadband Speed Increase

Do you struggle with SLOW broadband speeds? Is uploading and downloading a nightmare?

If the answer is YES - we have the solution that can stop your nightmares and provide peace of mind!

The Sophos UTM (Unified Threat Management) device will utilise two ADSL lines, to create a bonded line. Even if bonded lines are not available in your area, the UTM device will do it automatically internally. This will create a stronger internet connection that will provide more efficiency to your business.

UTM Range

The UTM comes in many different sizes, starting with a 120 device. The device that is suited for your business is dependent upon the hardware that the UTM is supporting. An evaluation will be carried out to ensure the right UTM is assigned to your business. The UTM will also allow you to expand and keep you protected as you develop.

The image on the left shows a range of UTM appliances. The smallest box shown on top is a UTM 120.


Some of the features that the UTM provides are:

Next Generation Firewall - protecting against the web-based threats that threaten your infrastructure

Network Protection - the network protection not only secures against threats but also bonds the two ADSL lines together increasing your speeds.

Web Filtering - you can limit the websites that you allow members to access. E.g. Users cannot access Twitter at all whilst on the network. However, you can also provide restrictions. E.g. Users can only access Facebook for 1hour between the times of 12pm - 2pm daily. This way you know your staff are being efficient instead of accessing restricted websites.

E-mail Filtering - all e-mails will be scanned before entering your inbox to ensure no potential threat or virus is attached.

Endpoint Protection - the anti-virus ensures that no threats or viruses attack your infrastructure.


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